Dog Groom Services include:

A relaxing warm bath done twice (flea control shampoo or irritated skin shampoo if needed)
Blueberry facial
A soothing coat conditioner
Tear & Saliva Stain removed
A fluffy blow-dry
Brush out and minor de-matting
Light haircut or shave down
Sanitary trim
Trimming hair between pads
Nail trimming
Ear cleaning (ear hair pulled if needed)
Teeth brushed
Hand Scissor Finish
Your choice of pet friendly cologne


Barkley’s Service & Pricing Menu:

Small Dogs(under 14 lbs.)                   Medium Dogs(15-35lbs.)              Large Dogs(35-50lbs.)         X-Large Dogs(70+ lbs.)

Bath and Brush: $30-$35                         Bath and Brush:  $40-$50                  Bath and brush: $60-$90          Bath and Brush: $80-$100

Full Groom  $60-$65                               Full Groom: $70-$80                          Full Groom: $75-$110               Full Groom: $90+


Add-ons                                                                                                                     A La Carte  

De-shed treatment with furminator and conditioner: 10-20$                                       Nail Trim/dremelsm-$10$,med.-$12, lg-$15  

Poodle feet and face:$10                                                                                                    Glands, Ears and nails: $20  

De-skunking: $25

Dematting: $5-$25

Special Handling:$10-$20

Flea and Tick Shampoo/15 min. soak in all natural Neem shampoo also soothes allergies: $7

 Pricing is at the groomer’s discretion.  The weights given are a mere guideline in order to help the process.  Prices vary with coat condition and temperament.

Call us 858-485-1255 for an appointment or quote. Prices vary due to size, coat, style and breed.

Shampoos vary due to hair and skin condition. All shampoos are made from the best in natural ingredient’s.
There is an extra charge for heavy de-matting due to the time it takes in getting them out (Groomers discretion at assessment of pet).
We carry a wide selection of colognes from Blueberry Clove to Sugar Cookie ask your groomer if you have a favorite.